Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement applies to this website which is owned and operated by Michael Watkin (ABN 92 639 158 791) under the name Watkin Music and under the domain name of ''.

The purpose of this Privacy Statement is to explain how information is gathered and stored during the use of this website. Please note that any information collected is required for the functionality of this website and will not be used for any purpose unrelated to the music lesson service or be disseminated to a third party without the express permission of the owner of the information.

Watkin Music collects personal information directly from a participating student or student's parent and will not collect information from any other source. Names, birth dates, addresses and phone numbers are stored and used only by the teacher (Michael Watkin) for the purposes of contacting students in regard to their private music lessons. Personal information can be viewed and updated in the 'Details' area of the website after logging in to the 'My Lessons' section. Any other information should be delivered directly to the teacher during lesson time or by contacting on 4625 1644. When a student discontinues their lessons with Watkin Music any personal information stored is kept for archival purposes for six years and then deleted from the system. The information is kept for this period of time in the event a student resumes lessons.

During the use of this website, login information is temporarily stored in session cookies and this information is collected during the login to the 'My Lessons' area of the website. A cookie is a small file created by your browser that is used to assign identification to your computer. The information stored in session cookies is necessary for the transference of information between pages of this website. The cookies employed in the Watkin Music website are not used to collect personal information from your computer and no third party advertising or third party cookie tracking is used in this website. Therefore, it is important that cookies be enabled for the Watkin Music site to function correctly.

Sections of the Watkin Music website require the use of Javascript to function correctly. The website uses Javascript to aid in page layout and to check information prior to it being delivered to the server. Therefore it is important that Javascript be enabled in the browser. A check to determine whether Javascript is disabled can be made by viewing the "My Lessons" login page. If Javascript is disabled, a message will be displayed in the login box confirming this.

Passwords used to logon to the Watkin Music website are delivered by the use of encryption. No credit card information is stored and no EFT or credit card transactions can be made during the use of this website.